Tattoo is a project in which I considered the human object for marks of a personal history.

In this project I photographed and filmed a series of interviews of people with tattoos, volunteers I found through Craigslist. The nine interviews that make up the final collection of films are a kind of research library; a 10th film is a composite film, a compilation of clips articulating the themes I found recurring in the separate interviews. Each of the 9 films in the library is a portrait, a case study. My subjects all have stories to tell. They mark themselves to reflect events in their lives they feel have strongly impacted them, often in invisible ways. In making the invisible visible, they command their pasts and own their stories, often reinventing themselves.

This project generated a body of work that included photographs, films, a book and a series of posters. The scope of the work exceeds the limitations of this web site and is represented here only perfunctorily.

Card left in tattoo parlors 












Poster, Bleeding Through 

Poster, Bastogne 

Poster, Peter Pan