US Postal Service stamp Issues
from ART 340, Introduction to Graphic Design, Berry College

Problem: You are commissioned by the USPS to design the visual identity system for an ongoing series of postage stamps. Formulate a visual system, creating a design family whose members are distinct yet recognizably related through consistent and directed use of typography, color and image. You will deliver the first issue of four stamps along with a graphic standards manual with guidelines for proper use of graphic elements to ensure seamless continuation of the system through future stamp issues.

Erin Cook, 2012
NASA series: Erin Cook, 2012

Maggie Williamson, 2011
Guts of Technology series: Maggie Williamson, 2011

Emily Cook, 2010
American Hardwoods series: Emily Cook, 2010

Brian Russell, 2011
American Aquariums series: Brian Russell, 2011

Hillary Jourdan, 2011
America the Melting Pot series: Hillary Jourdan, 2011