Type posters
from ART 340, Introduction to Graphic Design, Berry College

Problem: Design a poster that showcases a typeface (assigned individually). Research the origins and history of your typeface, including its designer, original purpose and evolving uses; then visually communicate a concept or idea about your typeface through your poster design. Include text in your poster explaining your concept. Your design should contain no images other than those you create using type.

Beth Barron, 2012
Mason poster : Beth Barron, 2012

Mary Frances Johnston, 2011
Serlio poster: Mary Frances Johnston, 2011

Erin Cook, 2011
Mantinia poster: Erin Cook, 2011

Brandon Litton, 2011
Futura poster: Brandon Litton, 2011

Brian Russell, 2011
Futura poster: Brian Russell, 2011

 Kelsey Zablon, 2013
Bodoni poster: Kelsey Zablon, 2013

Sarah Leslie, 2011
Frutiger poster: Sarah Leslie, 2011

Meredith Shelton, 2011
Frutiger poster: Meredith Shelton, 2011

 Katie Lochridge, 2012
Franklin Gothic poster: Katie Lochridge, 2012

 Hayley Sawyer, 2013
Zapf Dingbats poster: Hayley Sawyer, 2013