Olympics identity projects
from ART 329, Special Topics in Graphic Design: Logo and Identity Design, Berry College

Problem: Create an identity system for the 2016 Olympic Games in a city to be assigned individually. Your system will include a logo with typography and color palette; a set of icons representing nine sports categories; and a series of posters.

Noelle Burdick, 2012
2016 Paris Olympics logo: Noelle Burdick, 2012

Lacey Anderson, 2012
2016 Bangkok Olympics logo: Lacey Anderson, 2012

Stefan Woods, 2012
2014 Rome Olympics logo: Stefan Woods, 2012

Jawad Mazhir, 2012
2014 Istanbul Olympics logo: Jawad Mazhir, 2012

 Hannah Ward, 2012
2016 Prague Olympics logo: Hannah Ward, 2012

Hannah Ward, 2012
2016 Prague Olympics posters: Hannah Ward, 2012