Music festival posters
from ART 340, Introduction to Graphic Design, Berry College

Problem: Design a poster to promote a music festival celebrating the work of a single composer. Your design may appropriate historical styles or take a more contemporary view of the composer’s work but should clearly show your grasp of historical context and the music itself. Typography and graphic imagery should reflect concepts drawn from the composer’s unique contributions to culture and history. A clearly visible typographic hierarchy should organize dates, times and venues of the festival performances.

Dana Wenger, 2011
Bach poster : Dana Wenger, 2011

Meredith Shelton, 2011
Bach poster: Meredith Shelton, 2011

Mary Frances Johnston, 2011
Beethoven poster: Mary Frances Johnston, 2011

Brandon Litton, 2011
Beethoven poster: Brandon Litton, 2011

Beth Barron, 2012
Gershwin poster: Beth Barron, 2012

Ellie Fox, 2011
Gershwin poster: Ellie Fox, 2011

Christian Turner, 2012
Gershwin poster: Christian Turner, 2012

Erin Cook, 2012
Gershwin poster: Erin Cook, 2012

Stefan Woods, 2011
Stravinsky poster: Stefan Woods, 2011